Wednesday, September 15, 2010

lovely family day at the park... again

so i guess you can tell we like to take our little man to the parks around here. maybe its because the weather here is to die for- maybe it's because the parks are- or maybe because that's what you do when your little one is walking and LOVES to be outside? who knows. we love it and so does kane so we shall continue with our ohio tradition.

he HAS to pick everything up!
and carry it with him

bending down to see what's on the ground
bear hug from dad

"hey, mom! there you are!"

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  1. Cute pics... you have to ask Michael to take some pics with you in it. That is the bad part about the being the photographer because you never get pics with your little honey. We want to see you too!

  2. Wait until the fall weather.. trees turn beautiful colors, sweatshirt and jeans weather, and parks are so much more enjoyable! I love living in Illinois.. we get to enjoy four seasons!


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