Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lulu is coming!!!

yay! we are so excited to have Lulu come and visit us today! she will be in town until sunday and we have lots of things planned. i'm excited for her to see how much kane has changed these past 3 months!

the first time Lulu really held and enjoyed kane without having to pass him along to the next family member

she came and visited us at home
at the jones' christmas party

the shirt says it all!
kane enjoying the belly dancer at abby's shower
one of our last days in houston- swimming at the racquet club
we can't wait to give lulu her grandparents day gift!
we are excited to get many more pictures and have many more memories!
this was our fridge before- i lowered all the pictures so kane could look at them
he loved giving himself kisses!
i just changed them all out to our family members so he can get familiar with their faces before our trip. i don't want him to be scared to go to anyone.
yay!! he likes it!

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