Monday, September 20, 2010

our weekend with lulu

my computer is out of memory! it will not let me upload anymore pictures! we have an external hard drive and i upload my pics to walgreens (for sharing and printing options) but i don't want to have to delete any off my computer. i am so bummed. how do you save your pics? i'm about to call walgreens to see if they save them permanently. to top it off my memory card is full too. and to top that off, when i was taking pictures saturday i didn't realize i had my camera on manual. most of my pictures came out way too white to be saved. ugh. not my best picture weekend.

now on to the fun stuff...

lulu left yesterday after a great long weekend. we had so much fun with her and i think for michael and i it really hit home how much we miss houston and our families. to be honest we were both in tears when she left. (sorry michael)

ok here is the recap- thursday kane and i hung out with lulu and waited for michael to get off work. we went to dinner that night at a great place by our house. kane got lots of attention so he loved it too! friday, michael was on call so we took lulu to our outlet mall and our local mall.

showing lulu the talking billboard
she was so sweet and got kane some really cute things for winter.

he was doing a fashion show for daddy. LOVE his new orange jacket and new jeans
and his green and orange sweater
we ate lunch at a restaurant by the railroad

"hey mom!"
enjoying cheese and fruit and watching the kids get off the buses
saturday when michael got off work we headed to kane's swim lessons. (yep, michael went in with him since he got off early!)

sweet baby has no idea he is about to go underwater

lol- poor baby. despite his face he never cried after he came up

i'll post the rest tomorrow!

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  1. Kane is starting to look like a little BOY not a baby!! Can't believe how fast they grow... we have that Peace Sign tee for Slade! Love it. I feel like our boys have 90% of the same clothes!! :)


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