Tuesday, September 21, 2010

adventures with lulu 2

after kane's swim lessons on saturday we headed to our favorite park. this is where my camera mishap occurred. some of the pictures turned out ok but the background is white. it was actually a pretty day. i'm so used to just snapping pictures because kane never looks at the camera so there is no time to stop and look. i didn't notice my mess up until we were back in the car.

lulu and kane
such a big boy!
seriously so bummed- they were throwing pennies in the fountain and making a wishes
lulu gave k a flower
that night we went to the best place for dinner. kane got mac-n-cheese and grilled chicken for the first time. it was so good michael and i polished it off for him. how sweet are we?

sitting at the table drinking his cocktail

sunday morning we got up early and went to the zoo. oh my goodness. the zoo was amazing. it blew the houston zoo out of the water. from there lulu headed to the airport and we headed home. we hope she comes back soon. we miss her so much already!

at the petting zoo- guess someone was hungry

"mom, are you sure this is ok?"
excuse his messy shirt. he just had a baby cookie
washing up afterwards

my precious family

kane was passed out when it was time for lulu to go
lulu wore them out!
thank you for everything lulu! we love you!
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