Tuesday, September 21, 2010


kane has learned a few more tricks recently...

- he can flush the toilet. disgusting i know. he was in the bathroom playing with my rollers again while i was getting ready and the next thing i know the toilet flushed and he was cracking up.
- he thinks its fun to unroll the toilet paper. i think im just going to let him have at it one day soon.
- when michael is showering he bangs on the door and gets down to look under the door

"dad, are you in there? it's kane. let me in."
"hello? dad, open the door. i know your in there!"
- he has these little cups that i talk into and he mimics me
- i also acted silly the other day and put the cup on my head and he started doing the same thing! i think its incredible that he knows where his head is and can copy me without looking in the mirror. does that make sense?
"look at what i can do mom!"

- sometimes he can roll the ball back and forth with me. i don't think he gets it yet because he isn't consistent.
- he can high 5. again only sometimes but we are working on it.

we went to a halloween store by our house and they had the tom arma elephant costume. i made kane try it on so i could get a pic. soooo cute!!! but $60 cute? i really wish they had the rhino too.

here is my middle niece kylie on her way to her first day of kindergarten. i could just squeeze her! sweet girl is the spitting image of my mom as a child!

my computer and i had an appointment at apple and come to find out my mac from 2.5 years ago can only hold 13,000 pictures. i need a new hard drive. she said in money terms i only have enough memory for 1 more cent. i think i take too many pictures. so until i replace it i'm afraid my posts will be boring. sorry. but seriously when you spend that much money on a mac the memory should be endless in my opinion!!!!
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