Thursday, October 14, 2010

brrrr and eyes

it was a little chilly this morning so kane and i both had a cup of "coffee" and put on our socks to snuggle. i have coffee every morning and kane is so interested in what's in my cup so i have started calling his morning milk "coffee." he thinks he is such a big boy.

"coffee" time- those little fingers want their coffee back

morning snuggles with our warm toes. don't judge my white skin :)

on another note- ever since kane was born he has had gooey eyes when he wakes up. we have eye drops that we have to put in his eyes everyday and we have to massage his tear ducts in hopes that they will open. unfortunately it's not helping. so the solution is surgery. the pedi told us we had a year to see if other things would work and as you know we are coming up on a year in a few weeks. the reason i'm sharing this now is his left eye is infected! it happened late last night. his eye is red, puffy and really gooey. (while he is awake) i have been one worried mama. we made a quick trip to the pedi, she gave us some ointment and the number to a pediatric ophthalmologist. his surgery is officially scheduled the day before we leave for houston. michael HAS to be there and he has no days off during the week except for his 1 vacation week. so friday before we leave is the only option. i'm so nervous for my little man. they have to put him under for a little bit and said the actual surgery will only last 30 minutes. i will be so happy when it is done and we can kiss those eye drops bye-bye.

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  1. Aww sorry to hear that Kane has to have surgery! Brody has the same thing wrong with his left eye. The Dr. said it can take up to 9 months to clear up. I put ointment in his eyes for a few days and it went away just temporarily and now it's back. :(

  2. sorry to hear about this mama! but, I'm sure the surgery will be fine:)


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