Friday, October 15, 2010

don't leave daddy

when i was looking through my dashboard this morning i found this. isn't this piece of furniture AMAZING??? i have no idea if i could have it in my house but wow! love it!

this morning kane woke up as michael was leaving and oh my goodness!!!! my sweet baby was glued to his daddy. he did not want him to leave. it was heart wrenching. these 2 boys are inseparable. i felt so bad for michael- he wanted nothing more but to crawl back in bed and be with his son. thank you michael for being such a great daddy to our son. he loves you so much!

a boy on a mission

michael copying kane's walk! lol

thank you for your sweet comments about kane's upcoming surgery. we have all the faith in the world that everything will be ok. we are so excited for kane that he won't have to put up with the eye drops and goo anymore.

at a different park last week- thank you lulu for his cute sweater!

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