Saturday, October 16, 2010


michael has worked the past 12 days in a row (blah) so i have been trying to think of fun new things kane and i can do at home.

i put the iguana from his table under a bowl and would spin the bowls around and he had to pick which one he thought it was under. of course it helped that the iguana was playing music.

"i think he's under this one mom!"

"yep! there he is!"

then we put cheerios "soup" in a bowl and we mixed it up until it was ready to eat!

eating them was his favorite part!

look at his poor little eye- this was actually a few days after we started the meds.

i made a color wheel out of paint samples so we can start working on colors. (no where near learning them but i had the idea and didn't want to forget!)

i do however want him to start pointing to body parts so i took pictures of his!

i love how this nursery is painted. may have to copy this for a future nursery.

have you ever heard of these? OH MY GOODNESS!! so cute. i would change from cake to these for kane's party if i didn't LOVE the cake.

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  1. Love the color wheel idea! I'm going to borrow that if you don't mind. We are starting to work on colors too. Caden knows blue and green typical boy colors haha!


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