Tuesday, October 19, 2010


last week when i was talking to chelsea i remembered this post that i wrote around a year ago. i wanted to make kane a blog book of all the post i did the first year of his life. i'm not sure if i have enough posts to make a good book but i found a few websites where i can make my own for pretty cheap. has anyone does this before? it sounds time consuming. lol

my stepmother called me the other day and told me that last week while she was at church a pipe burst inside her house and there was 4" of standing water everywhere!! she has to replace everything. can you imagine? she had so many people come over to help her stack things that she can't find the boxes of pictures of my childhood with my dad. i have a huge lump in my throat just thinking about it. i am praying that the pictures were on a shelf and not on the floor in the closet and are safe. if those pictures are ruined then that's it- there are not any more copies. i realize the most important thing is my memory of my father but i am a picture freak. if they are recovered then i hope i can find the time while i am in town to have them all put on a cd. not sure where this time will fit into my schedule yet but it is so important to me that i will have to pull it off.

my mom and stepfather were in town the past few days and they spoiled us! they bought kane a lego table and books.

and doughnut pans for me!
i am so excited to try them out! yum-o!

while we were at the store she insisted on getting michael and i a bottle of wine. lol
now i told you we NEVER drink. here is proof-

after some digging around i finally found a bottle opener. kind of funny how priorities change. we brought every infant toy known to man kind with us to ohio but no wine glasses.

the state inspection sticker on my car is about to expire so i called a firestone today to get it inspected and found out inspections are not needed in ohio! woo-hoo! lol once the guy told me that i looked at our neighbors windshields and they don't have any stickers. not even proof of insurance. wow. i usually pay closer attention to these things. shame on me!

have you ladies ever heard of totsy.com? it's the kid version of gilt.com. lots of goodies on there! i'm eyeing the train table by kidkraft. i know kane is under the recommended age but he loves it at the library. he carries the little trains with him everywhere.

tonight i made spaghetti... it went from messy

to really messy
to oh my goodness!!!

so many more things to blog about tomorrow

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