Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bullets on kane

i thought i would post a few new things that kane has been doing

-he likes to shut doors now. i often find him closed in the bedroom or bathroom
-he LOVES toilet paper. today he emptied a whole roll while i was putting down his new tub mat. took him 10 seconds
-we went for his pre-op appointment today and he weighs 24.11 and is 31"- woo hoo!
-he found the old time door stopper that is behind my bedroom door. yep, he loves that too.
-we have a vent behind another door that he loves to run his fingers on so it makes that noise. disgusting right?
-when he wants to read a book he searches in his book basket until he finds the one he wants then brings it to me and sits in my lap. this alone makes my heart melt. i love that he loves to read and i love that he sits in my lap on his own. :) it is the most adorable thing to see him pick up a book then put it aside until he finds the one he wants. i can not believe he can already recognize and select what he wants.
-he wants me to read no less then 30 books a day. no joke.
-we are trying to give up bottles and it's not working.
-tantrums have become a daily thing
-sometimes a hourly thing
-i know i already told you but he can drink from a straw! yay!
-whining is his new way to communicate
am i ready for this next step in motherhood? oh boy. wish me luck. if you have any hints on how to deal with an independent 1 year old boy please pass along the advice.
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