Tuesday, October 26, 2010

eye doc

michael and i took kane to meet his eye surgeon yesterday. we REALLY like dr. burke! he was so good with kane. i could not believe how many gadgets he had in the examining room to distract kids. michael and i both feel so much better about the whole thing. he told us that if kane were older and could hold still the whole procedure could be done in his office. we also discussed if the procedure does not work. ugh. yes, there is a chance he will need extensive surgery if this one doesn't work. please say a prayer!

they had finding nemo on in the lobby- he seemed to love it!

and this is why there are not more pictures of me... good job michael! lol

dr. burke checking out his eyes

i finally got kane to drink from a straw!!!!

michael and kane don't have a ton of time together but when they do kane just doesn't understand what privacy means. lol

i knew it was too quiet for kane not to be into smtg!

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