Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pumpkin patch

we went to a pumpkin patch last weekend. it was amazing! they had pumpkins in a field that you could go pick, hay rides, games, mazes, tee-pees, corn and so on. it was so crowded and kane wasn't exactly feeling the pictures so sorry for the picture quality.

this is the best shot i got of him sitting in the pumpkins.
trying to pick one up
lol- so frustrated that he can't!

he loved checking out the tractor!

too bad the pumpkin in his shirt looks like a heart. there is a stem but it's light green.

vroom vroom

he was not liking the pumpkin people

trying to pick up the pumpkin once we got home. as you can tell, he picks up everything!

helping mommy clean it out!

he was so into the pumpkin goo

such a good helper. he was trying to scrape it off

i was trying to get a quick pic but it took him 2 seconds to pull the top off and after that it was a lose lose situation
we put a candle in the pumpkin but you can't tell. we were not quite done cleaning it out but i was losing kane's interest.

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