Monday, October 4, 2010

monkey boy

kane has a little basket with diapers on my nightstand so when i need to change him i just plop him on our bed and do it there. he is usually very squirmy so i have to hurry. the other day i noticed that when i was done he flopped on to his tummy and started to scoot towards his feet. i was right behind him so i let him go. little squirt knows how to get off our bed!! we did it over and over again and he thought it was hilarious! he can climb off the couch too! pretty soon he will start climbing onto furniture. oh boy!

little ham

trying to show daddy his new trick but daddy didn't trust him at first

again without help from dad

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  1. we have that tee for slade!! i love ittikid... my favorite! kane is such a doll!

  2. omg too funny - ambs can't reach our bed, but she sure tries her hardest to get on the couch like that! She can get down too if we put her up there, it's so funny watching their little feet point til they get down haha


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