Saturday, October 2, 2010

some fall things i like

i love the colors of this wreath from here. plus it looks rather simple to make.

i got kane one of these but in orange from the children's place outlet. they are sold out in orange online. they look like mini men sweaters. i'm thinking about getting him navy or cream... we'll see. if you want one and can't find an outlet here is a free shipping code... FSJEUXKAA

have you seen the pottery barn catalog or been in the store? i love these and these!! with a little help they could be made into pirate ships. almost made me want to switch gears for kane's birthday. so adorable!! i can not wait until kane and his siblings/cousins are older. i will totally decorate their thanksgiving table with things like this! at the store they have adorable mustache stickers. hmmmm.... reminded me of this look that i have been debating as an outfit change for kane's 1st birthday photo session. so many things i want for my little man!

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  1. I love that wreath and the sweater! The orange sweater would be such a great color for Kane. Too cute!

  2. I bought the orange sweater for my little man :) So cute. I love your blog. Kane is precious. New follower!!

  3. thanks for the link! the wreath is super easy to make. let me know if you make one!


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