Monday, November 22, 2010

life through my iphone

first of all, don't judge. yes, the car seat is forward facing. it wasn't until we got back from houston. michael and i tried to put it back rear facing but could not get it. we have the first appointment with the car seat man when he gets back in town.

have to admit that i love all the pictures i can take of him forward facing!

last week at target. don't see an aisle like this in houston!

kane's new christmas cd

looking for uggs at target- gotta say, i love his orange boots!

i guess since he had his superhero shirt on he thought he could flip his lego table

i guess it's a boy thing. (i know his pjs don't match. he drooled through the other one)

sweet baby boy was sleepy

how cute are these for a monster themed party? or an ice cream dish?

ahhhh... shipleys at the airport in houston.

my little cheerio monster.

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