Tuesday, November 23, 2010

giving back

after years of babysitting i am aware how quickly toys can add up. kane has a birthday so close to christmas i know it can and will get overwhelming, especially when more kids are added to our family. i'm already wondering where i'm going to put the rest of his birthday presents (that should be coming from houston soon) and his new christmas gifts. so i thought what a good way to start teaching kane that it is so important to give back. every year around his birthday i want kane and i to go through his old toys and pick out things that he wants to give to other kids that may not be as fortunate as he. it is so nice to receive but so much nicer to give back. i really hope this is something that will stick with us and teach many lessons to my kids.

unfortunately, we are missing a lot of kane's infant toys because i left them in houston but i thought i would kick off our new family tradition with some of my clothes and belongings.

kane helping me put everything in (or taking it out) of the box.
such a good little helper

i also thought i should post about what kane is doing now that he is a big boy.

these are his favorite books to read.we read them no less then 5 times each a day. he will dig through his book basket in order to find one of these. as i'm reading he absorbs it all. if i pause for a second he lets me know he is waiting. he's going to be a smart one.
kane is-

if he hears some good music he bops his head and bends his knees.

he loves opening drawers and shutting doors. it's just a matter of time before his little fingers get pinched.

we are trying to teach him patience!!!!!

as of yesterday he has a timeout chair. so sad i know but it works so far. tantrums are becoming a little too regular around here.

he loves yogurt containers and tubes (toothpaste, diaper rash cream...) he tries to get his little hands on these things constantly.

he reaches for door knobs

last month (so late posting this) he got a hold of my wallet and when i went to take it away he screamed and ran into the bedroom and shut the door. lol

when it's time for bed he lays his head on your shoulder and holds on for dear life. he doesn't like bedtime at all.

now he is taking 2 20 minute naps a day. not enough time for me to recharge that's for sure.

he can roll and toss balls now. it's so cute. the 3 of us do this in a pattern and he can follow along. for example i toss it to kane and then he tosses it to michael and back to me. i think it's pretty incredible he can follow the pattern without us telling him each time.
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