Sunday, November 21, 2010

online window shopping

this post is from a few weeks ago... whoops!

we just got our hanna anderson catalog in the mail and i wish i could order everything. i love their pjs for kids! so cute! as i was flipping through i saw these! how adorable are they? can i get some please? lol

also, zutano has their online store open! click here to see it. i wish i could squeeze kane's little booty into this. maybe i'll get this for the spring or any of their cute pants!

how am i just seeing these? aren't they cute??

i was at nordstrom the other day and saw the most precious uggs for boys. a little too pricey for my tot since he is outgrowing shoes left and right but the search was on for a cheaper version. unfortunately, i came back empty handed. i tried the target (girls) version on him but i think they are a little too girly. so if anyone sees any in a size 7 or 8 please let me know! during my online search i found these at walmart!!!! i ran over to walmart to search for his size but they don't make them small enough. i am so disappointed. for only $15 you can't beat it. so if your tot is wearing a size 11 or bigger go get them! i kid you not they look just like kane's ralph lauren ones. and they come in camo too. so cute! i wish his little foot was a little bigger.

we got kane a new pair of shoes. love them! they have laces though- i know i will kick myself in about a day but i found them for $20 so i went for it.

have you heard of these cute little balls? i think they are adorable. they come in so many animals, i would love to get kane 1 or 2.

and these for summer!!

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