Friday, November 19, 2010

last week

last week michael had the WHOLE week off. pure bliss. it was heaven to have him around when we got back to ohio. Since we had a few days to kill we spent one of them at the park. the weather was amazing.

our sweet baby LOVES to swing. he fusses when you try and take him out and he's not ready. takes after his mama.

he figured out how to go up the slide.

he just hasn't figured out how to tackle steps yet.

i made my boys kolaches. yummy.

kane and i worked on his thanksgiving cards (it's his hand print under there)

and we made a thankful tree with his hand and foot prints.
he has really good hand writing doesn't he? lol

my very, very sad attempt at making turkey cupcakes. in my defense i did not put much time into them.

we also made s'mores bars off of the williams sonoma website (kid section i might add) don't hate.

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  1. Such a great week weather-wise for Michael to be off and be able to spend time together! Connor loves to swing, too! Luckily the park is in our backyard so we go there often!


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