Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 year dr visit

yesterday kane had his 1 year appointment. he shrunk half an inch? and is now 31" long and lost weight from when we were there to get his 1st of 2 flu shots. i think this is from him being so sick a couple weeks ago. poor thing lost a few pounds. he got 3 shots and his finger pricked so it was not fun. he actually did really well, besides trying to eat the band aid off his finger.

my little prep ready to go
sporting his super cool "north face"

naked baby waiting for the doc. look at that belly!

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  1. He is super cute! I hate waiting with a naked baby at the doctor. Definitely makes me loathe the trip even more.

  2. He is soo adorable!! I love how you dress him- such a little man!


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