Monday, November 15, 2010

kane's birthday!

Once we landed in houston we went to baggage claim to get our bags and car seat and there was no car seat!!! i waited there for about 5 minutes until it dawned on me that if it had not come by then it wasn't coming! i walked over to the office and they were able to track it- it was on a plane about to take off for mexico. but they assured me if they didn't get to it in time they had one i could borrow. borrow??? excuse me but no. i wanted our britax car seat back and if they couldn't get it in time they would be paying for a new one. ok, maybe i didn't tell them that but i was thinking it. keep in mind this was the day i spent all morning sick as a dog and my body was so sore. i was ready for a good fight. lol maybe not but i was so ready to go. and by go i mean, go to my aunts, change clothes and try to make nikki's wedding.

on to what's important... here is the handsome birthday boy on his birthday. sweet boy woke up to a bed full of balloons!
he was not sure if he wanted to play with them or if he wanted to eat breakfast

love his sweet smile
i had about 20 more balloons to blow up but i was out of air. maybe next year i'll blow them up the night before so i don't run out of time.

reading his new birthday book and waiting while i cooked birthday pancakes!

he loves to feed us now

"here dad take 1 more bite"

mowing lulu's rugs

for lunch he had a birthday cake grilled cheese. it's the only thing i could think of to use my cute little cake mold with.
michael has already informed me that kane will disown me later in life when he sees this hat. i saw it in pink and LOVED it. so at least kane was lucky enough that it came in blue.

love this pic! k laughing at his lulu


trying to figure winnie out

outside later that evening

playing with his new fire truck

the same hat he wore the day he was born!

swinging with lulu you fell fast asleep in her arms
i hope you had a great 1st birthday angel.

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  1. oh I hate that y'all were sick and had such travel issues, but your birthday boy was too cute!!!


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