Friday, November 12, 2010

monday in houston and nikki's wedding!

i have so many pictures and so many stories from our houston trip. it will take me all week to post everything. so hang in there. i'm waiting for some people to email me kane's birthday pics but as soon as i get them i'll post all about his par-tee!

saturday as soon as we got into town we dropped off k, changed clothes and headed to nikki's wedding. not my best pictures but i guess being sick the whole night before doesn't help.

pretty ladies in purple!

look at amberly's smile! love it!

the GORGEOUS couple!
monday started off with taking lunch to my nieces. kylie had lunch at 10:30 and thank goodness she wanted chick-fil-a because if she wanted mcdonalds we would have been out of luck!

my sweet angel girl. i have missed her so much. i told her i liked her necklace and she said she got it at the necklace store. lol i was lucky to even talk to kylie. her little friends would not stop talking to me! lol little kids say the most random things. i heard all about their aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, tattoos, toys....

lucky for us she had recess right after lunch so we were able to play with her. kane loved all the little kids. they kept him entertained!

kylie and kane sliding

my sweet babies

kylie and her best friend alyssa

as i was walking out i saw her precious artwork. i can not wait until kane brings home his!

then we went to mcdonalds and got chloe lunch. she was so proud to show us off. her 2 teachers walked by and said "your right chloe, she is pretty." melt my heart. i love that she was anxiously waiting for us that morning and told all of her friends and teachers.

she begged me all lunch to pick her up and take her to the movies. it broke my heart to tell her i couldn't. ugh ohio.

chloe and her girlfriends

after lunch with chloe she took us to her classroom and showed us her chair and where they do different activities.

those girls make living in ohio so difficult. i have always loved taking them lunch and having jckc (jamie, chloe, kylie and cadyn) days/sleepovers.

after the lunches we had a play-date with amberly and caden.

after that play-date we went to the granduca with lulu and had a HUGE play-date with her friends' grandkids.

kane was not exactly dressed like all the other boys. lol they had loafers and khakis on. poor kane had to settle for his jeans that he had his skateboarding accident in. whoops.

i loved this play-mat!

just as we were leaving they handed kane a balloon and he grabbed it so tight it popped right in his face. needless to say he got every ones attention.

for dinner that night we went to my aunt's brand new house and had dinner with my family. she ordered mexican food. :)

kane with my grandma and grandpa. poor grandpa just had a root canal and his lip was swollen.
with my other grandma
opening a gift from aunt char!
he loved the tissue paper. especially when he figured out people laughed when he put it in daddy's face. funny boy.
playing x-box in their playroom. sorry aunt char for posting this pic- i know the room isn't completed.

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