Wednesday, November 10, 2010

we are back!

after our wonderful trip to houston we are back and trying to get kane settled into his schedule again. i will post all about our trip tomorrow. just thought i'd share how it started out...

thursday night- kane VERY sick. throwing up all night

friday-took kane to the dr, for x-rays and to the er because we thought he had a concussion. had to reschedule his eye surgery.

friday night- i was VERY sick. i was up sick from 1-4 am. keep in mind i was already sleep deprived because of kane being so sick.

saturday- we left for the airport at 8 am. i felt like i was dying. the last thing i wanted to do was get on a plane with a baby. my whole body was so sore. as soon as we landed we had to get ready to go to nikki's wedding. we ended up leaving the wedding early because michael felt sick.

saturday night- michael was sick all night.

sunday- kane's party. michael was in bed all morning and i had a ton of things to do and a baby stuck to my hip. not fun.

sunday night- everybody else who was around us was sick. i can not even tell you how many phone calls and texts i got monday.

the chaos goes on and on... we never stopped. always something going on and people to see. i wouldn't of had it any other way. regardless how bad we all felt.

houston, we miss y'all already. sorry we brought and spread the cincinnati bug.

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  1. Even if we got sick it was great to see y'all....still think it was food poisoning?!


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