Thursday, November 4, 2010

scary day

i'm not even sure where to begin. the past 20 hours have been crazy and felt unreal.

last night michael mad salmon and gave kane a few pieces. he only took 1 or 2 bites and decided he didn't like it. then, as i was putting our sheets back on our bed kane was running around and fell on one of the dresser drawers. falling is nothing new to us. but this time he instantly had a bruised, cut that looked like an egg on his forehead. we calmed him down and put him to bed 30 minutes later or so. then at 3 am we woke up to the sound of him vomiting. we brought him to bed with us where he continued to vomit until 8. i took him straight to the doctor's office as soon as they opened. she was not sure if the vomiting was from head trauma or the salmon. (he passed the neurological exam but he did not have diarrhea.) she first wanted us to go to childrens hospital for a head ct but later decided to just send us for a skull x-ray at the children's clinic. as we left having the xrays done he started throwing up in his car seat. i called and told her i was worried so i took him straight to the hospital. after hours of waiting we got to see the dr who ordered a head ct. kane wouldn't hold still so they gave him meds. during the time we had to wait he stopped throwing up and became hungry. he was screaming. i called the dr back in and we decided to give pedialyte another shot. he kept it down so the ct was canceled and we were free to go. once we got home he got a fever so i canceled his surgery for tomorrow. as of right now he is fast asleep.

our first stop- the pediatrician's office. sweet little man looks so cute despite being so sick. too bad the cute outfit didn't last long.

today was a hard mommy day. i doubted everything i did and every decision i made. i hated not knowing what to do.

second stop- the clinic to get x-rays. (notice the change of clothes)

michael talked his hospital into letting him come see us for a few hours. i am so thankful they gave him permission.

watching cartoons while waiting for the doctor

sweet angel fell asleep
now to get started on the 20 loads of laundry. anyone know how to wash a car seat? ugh. this place smells like spoiled milk, stomach acid and salmon. gross.

heading to ct

they finally let him have a bottle

i hope tonight is a better night. is having some really good sales right now! i love p'kolino and they have stuff for super cheap. i wish we were ready for a desk or bench.

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  1. Ahh! So sorry to hear you had to go through this. I remember having to go through this with Connor in August with the blood in his stool. Two ER visits and an ambulance ride later, I agree it was a tough mommy day. Putting things into perspective, things could be worse and just be thankful it was a little bump on the head! Take care!

  2. Oh! Look at his pink cheeks! He really looks like he didnt feel good! Poor thing...

  3. Poor Kane and you!! I can't even imagine. Did they ever find out what caused it? Anyway, I just washed our carseat a few months ago when Avery threw up in it. I just followed the instructions of the seat and took off the cover and washed it normally but let it air dry (don't dry it). Then just wiped the plastic part down with Clorox wipes. I hope that helps. You all take care!

  4. SO sorry! It's so scary when they are sick and you don't know why! : (
    Hope he gets better really soon!!


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