Friday, November 26, 2010

t-day 2010

thanksgiving was so much fun! we were invited to one of michael's work friend's home but at the last minute decided to stay in. it was freezing, raining and kane had surgery the next day so we didn't want to risk anything. especially after 1 cancellation under our belts already.

michael made the yummiest turkey and i was in charge of potatoes, asparagus, pies, rolls, cranberries and treats. obviously we have so much left over but i couldn't stop cooking! i do have to admit i miss my brother's fried turkey and my aunts yams but michael and i wanted to change it up. as much fun as tradition is, it is so refreshing to try new things. kane loved our feast as much as we did!

i made a yummy banana pie

kane loved his turkey!

this is what it looked like pre-destruction

while kane was napping the turkey left him a little note :)

i made my very first batch of cake pops. they looked a lot cuter in person. these and the cookies below really called for brown candy corn but i could not find it anywhere.

i let kane have a taste

we also made yummy turkey cookies

gobble gobble

typical thanksgiving day was filled with the boys napping- he just woke up and so i put his other turkey shirt on him

to say i was proud of myself for making his shirt would be an understatement!!

i am so excited today to make s'more cookies!!! my mouth is watering already!
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  1. You are such a creative and original mommy! Hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. You are SO ADORABLE and creative. Kane is quite a lucky boy to have you as his mommy!! I love all of your creations... great job!


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