Friday, November 26, 2010

kane's surgery

today was kane's surgery. we were in and out in just a few hours. besides the first snow of the year there were no hiccups. kane did well not having any breakfast or milk since last night at 9. everyone was so nice and made us feel so comfortable. the hardest part was feeling his little body go limp while they gave him the anesthesia. it brought back so many memories of working in the medical center and seeing the anesthesiologist sedate the babies before their radiation treatment. michael and i were both in tears the whole time. we are so blessed that kane is such a healthy boy.

kane's backpack. he also had the matching lunch box full of snacks, milk and apple juice.
this was one of new books for surgery. i LOVE this story/ verse....

trying to keep him entertained before we left so he wouldn't remember he was hungry!
kisses from a daddy who really needed to shave!

not a very happy baby on the way to the hospital. he was so hungry and so confused why i wasn't feeding him. broke my heart

it snowed last night! this was the only picture i got because we were in such a hurry! our car doors were frozen shut!

the hospital supplied us with everything. i didn't even need a bag of toys and juice. better to be prepared though!

watching cartoons

yikes! no makeup!

on our way home. he was so hungry and thirsty!
too bad his shirt has the original surgery date.
it says:
thank you dr. burke and the staff at cincinnati children's hospital! with his "name badge" on it
too cute!
cheerios= happy boy

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  1. So glad the surgery went so well. I have been so bad about writing you back on FB. I promise to do today. You all take care and stay warm!


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