Thursday, November 25, 2010


i am so incredibly thankful for my precious family.

michael- you work so hard for kane and i because you want us to lead a happy and stable life. we love you and are so thankful for you and how hard you work. you are a fantastic husband and an amazing father. seeing you with our son is such an incredible thing. i could not of picked a more perfect father. we both adore you and are very blessed to have you. we are so very thankful and proud of you!

kane-my little angel. words cannot explain my love for you. you are the most perfect little boy i have ever laid eyes on. so perfect in so many ways. my heart bursts with love when i look at you. i will protect you and cherish you always. i love you and i am so thankful for you.

happy thanksgiving!!

thanksgiving 2009
you were just 2 weeks old! perfect little boy!
my precious baby is so big now!
i made your shirt late last night!!!

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  1. You are too crafty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You MADE his shirt! I was going to ask you where you found it! Too cute!!!


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