Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bath time fun

i thought i would share kane's bath tub with you. none of this existed before christmas. lol oh boy!

talk about over stimulation! we put some of these toys back in their boxes because this is insane.

the other day kane and i were going through the car wash (cars have to be washed ALL the time here because of the salt they put on the roads) and as i turned around to talk to him i saw this....

he makes me laugh... apparently i make him laugh too

such a goof ball
and back to business
i love him so much!

michael and i took him to the mall the other day and i was able to get his little smirk on camera! its blurry but you can still see it. my favorite kane face ever!

michael is back to work today and i'm having a case of the hubby blues. lol it was so nice to wake up with him still next to me and spend the whole day together! i am so thankful we had time as a family.

we are so excited that lulu is coming for a visit in january! she is going to be shocked when she sees all the snow!

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  1. Overstimulation is correct! Oh my! He is such a cutie :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard when I saw the first bath tub picture. My boys would be in heaven in that tub-o-toys! How fun!!

    I meant to ask you, but where oh where did you get the precious Christmas shirts/candy cane PJs? Love them! I'm in charge of family pajamas next year.

  3. "and back to business" lol I love it!


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