Thursday, December 30, 2010

raindrops and puddles

i bought kane the most adorable rain coat the other day in hopes he could wear it in the spring. much to my surprise, yesterday ended up being the perfect opportunity to slip it on and put on his matching rain boots. it was in the 50s and despite having showers in the morning the rest of the day was perfect for a little outside play and exploring.

he found the smallest little patch of snow left on the ground and had the time of his life stomping on it

he looks so grown up in this picture!

digging in the car for something- probably a a cheerio

he had the best time jumping in this little puddle

kane, i love watching you explore and discover things all on your own. you bring a whole new meaning to everything in life. i can't wait to have more adventures with you- i love you!


  1. Oh Jamie, he is a precious little boy! So happy. You know I'm going to ask, but where did you get that adorable jacket and boots? Might have to have them! :)

  2. My nephew got the very same raincoat for Christmas! Too cute!


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