Friday, December 10, 2010

a break from the snow

one of my favorite things about christmas is pulling out all the old christmas photos. unfortunately, once again i did not bring all of them with us. so these will have to do. i can't wait to be a little old lady with hundreds of christmas photos of my children! ha. the photo with the snowman is me. lol and the man in the overalls- thats my dad and my brother. i actually need to raid michaels moms picture closet and get some of him growing up. such sweet memories.

the snow is starting to melt and the temperatures are starting to rise into the 40's so we went outside to soak up some sunshine before the next blizzard. next week at this time that string of drool would freeze right up!

my little man loves being outside and exploring- until he falls and his hands get snow on them.

it's so funny how michael and i think the 40's are no big deal now. when you get hit with single digit temperatures it tends to change your thinking!

happy weekend.

btw. i HATE residency.

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  1. I went out last night in just a shirt and cardigan and I was warm. Isn't it amazing how the body adjusts to temps? I have lived in Illinois all my life... I will NEVER get used to 10 degree weather. 30 and 40 I can handle. 10 is just cruel.

  2. You mean residency isn't as glamorous as Grey's Anatomy?! Kidding. I know it must be tough to have Michael gone so much-- but there is a silver lining (I know you know that), and it will all be worth it in the end.

    Kane looks precious as always... xoxo


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