Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i want a hippopotamus for christmas

this post has nothing to do with the title but we just heard that song and it always makes me laugh!

yesterday was the 8th day on our advent calendar and it was to send out our christmas cards. (sorry they are a little late, it's been way too cold to get out in this mess. fyi 7 degrees last night)
kane helped by adding his little touch to each envelope. :) such a creative kid!
he's face is a little white- it looks like he's glowing- michael wanted to know if i was sending sunglasses with the cards. ha!

today, the 9th day, we made christmas shirts! i love making shirts with kane! it can get a little messy but he's getting the hang of it!

we made this one the other day

michael said the santa looks like a squid with a santa hat! lol

last night as kane was trying to climb over me i fell back in a very over exaggerated way. he started cracking up and it has become our new game. he touches me and i act like he is so strong it knocks me over. possibly the cutest thing is that he helps me back up! such a goober!

kane is 13 months old today!! it seems unbelievable! i'm so excited to see what this next year has in store for us. he is constantly changing and surprising us. when he babbles/squawks he looks at me like he is saying something and that i should understand. any day i'm ready for him to say "hey mom can i have more milk please?" lol

playing peek-a-boo with me

trying to play peek a boo and take his picture. notice the milk drool on his shirt!

possibly the cutest face he gives me is when im being silly he'll hold his lips together and smile. it looks like he wants to say "your funny mom but your embarrassing me!"

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  1. awwww monkey's card got a shout out lol love the shirts too!

  2. and thank you for getting that dang song stuck in my head.....

  3. christmas is not complete without the hippo song, lol! and those shirts are way too cute!

  4. He is so adorable! And that "special touch" on the envelopes is such a great idea! Good job Kane! So if you aren't sewing, is the boot shirt an iron-on? They're all so cute (hilarious about the squid with a hat)!


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