Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas movie party

i can't take credit for this fun idea but shame on me for not remembering where i saw it. since i LOVE party planning this is right up my alley. we are going to start having movie nights here at the miranda house. maybe not so often now because kane is too young to really watch a movie but we will for sure do this as he gets older and can sit through one. so to kick off this new idea kane and i had a mickey mouse christmas movie party. michael was at work so it was just the two of us eating yummy sweets until our tummies hurt. in order for it to be a "movie party" you have to eat and dress the part too (maybe decorate later). i really wish we could have a toy story party because i have so many ideas for that one. maybe michael and i can. lol

kane had a christmas dinner to kick things off
green bean christmas tree
rudolph chicken sandwich
christmas tree pasta
2 starches i know- but they both worked with the theme

snowman ice cream for kane
and one for mommy- i shared the cookies of course
giving him a cookie in his chair is not a good idea
he loves mickey!
i asked him to kiss santa but it looks like he's trying to eat him instead!
day 7 on the calendar was to watch a movie so it worked out perfectly!

by the way what is your opinion- i had an idea the other day to not invest in kid movies but to get a subscription to netflix. apparently it just takes seconds for the movie to start playing once you select it. for $7 a month you can have unlimited movies instead of paying $20 per dvd. is there something i don't know about netflix? any hints, tips or suggestions would help! thanks!

we went to krogers the other day and when kane saw me grab a box of cheerios he freaked and grabbed them so i let him hold on to them while i shopped. after a few seconds of looking around i looked down and saw this... apparently he just couldn't resist!

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  1. What a cute idea!! We love Netflix and especially since they stream through the Wii. It is awesome. They are fast. We return a movie and then get another one two days later. They might have a shipping hub in Houston though. It is awesome for all the cartoons especially through the Wii and Internet. They also have Iphone app that you can watch movies on your phone if you have enough room. It is totally worth it! The only downside is the new releases sometimes take a while to come out. It isn't too bad because we rarely have time to watch them. Have a great one!

  2. We do Netflix... no gimmics. However, not all children's movies are instantly playable. You need to wait for it to come in the mail. We do stream Netflix through our Wii and we an do the instant play movies on our television. My BIL has a blue ray player that streams Netflix through it. We do the $9 a month account and get one DVD at a time and unlimited instant play selections. Definitely worth it now that Connor enjoys television. It is so easy to stream Curious George while I am trying to get ready for work in the morning!

  3. Such a cute idea! We have Netflix and LOVE it.. the one downside is that for some reason, new releases that come out on DVD, don't come out on Netflix until 28 days later! Kind of a bummer, but there's so many movies we want to watch that we hardly notice.


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