Friday, December 3, 2010

meeting the big man in red

i'm a few days behind on posting our activities to go along with kane's advent calendar.... whoops. day 1 was sitting in santa's lap. it was a disaster! kane hated him! poor baby took one look and wanted down. i felt so bad for scaring him. as soon as i grabbed him he was totally fine.

we took santa some yummy cookies that we baked.

i just sat him down and was stepping back when this was taken. 2 seconds later kane turned, looked at him and SCREAMED! maybe because santa took his cheerios. lol. love that they made it in the picture! i swear i don't give them to him all the time. out of a handful he usually only eats like 5 the rest end up on the floor.

1 minute after grabbing him he was back to normal and getting lots of attention from the ladies. such a stud.

knock on wood but kane has been so good lately. i think a lot of the fits were over transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. i would give him a bottle in the morning and at night but during the day he was only using sippy cups. im sure i was confusing him so as of yesterday we are on sippy cups only. the consistency seems to be paying off. he gladly accepts it instead of throwing it and yelling and screaming. that seemed to put the whole day off on the wrong foot. i'm so thankful things are less crazy and i found a solution... at least for now. our time outs have seemed to help with the other fits. and by time outs i mean i remove him from whatever the situation is and sit him in his chair and we read a book together. it gives him a chance to calm down and get his mind off of it. 1 more thing... he is finally sleeping through the night!!!! oh my goodness i can not tell you what a relief this is. it was always easier to give in and bring him to bed with us because michael's sleep is so valuable but we got through it. he fought it big time but now it's like he wants to go to his bed. if only i could increase nap time. even if we do 1 big nap he will only sleep for 20 minutes, however most days he needs 2 naps still. i'm sure not sleeping through the night added to his crankiness before. ahhhhh... i love my sweet baby who doesn't fight me on everything. of course i love that baby to pieces too but it makes our time together so much more enjoyable. (and a less crazy mommy since no one is here to give me a break at times)

my sweet baby wanted to cuddle yesterday and fell right to sleep in my arms. i love this little boy more everyday!!
how adorable are these thermal pjs? i found them at walmart while i was picking up a gift my mom sent there for kane. how cute would they be if i put his name on them??

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  1. Your creativeness never ceases to amaze me. I am sure it is hard not having anyone to give you a break at times. Doesn't it feel like you have moved earth when a simple accomplishment like a sleep schedule or switch from bottles to sippy cups finally happens? Lots of changes will be coming to our household when I am home for Christmas break. Naps, going to sleep on his own, etc. will be established. Luckily I have plenty of tough love to go around!


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