Wednesday, December 1, 2010

par-tee details...finally

i am finally posting about all the details to kane's hole in 1 party. can you believe it?

to be completely honest i am so disappointed with how it turned out. between me being so sick the day before, michael being the sick the day of, coming in from out of town, kane only wanting the two of us and a wedding thrown in there i did not have near enough time to get things done.

i had banners that did not used, wreaths that did not get hung, so many decorations and tons of balloons that didn't get put up it makes me sick to think about. i had to throw away so many things before we came home. i put so much time and effort into things that got broken in transit. i had green chocolate for a "dip your own goodies" bar, tee (tea), arnold palmers, sand traps (nilla wafers crushed with donut holes in it), birdies (chick-fil-a nuggets), tee's in the sandwiches, gum drop trees that fell apart, my tissue paper "k" that broke into a million pieces....i could go on and on. and to top it off the cute little wooden golf cart rocker that started the whole theme that i ordered back in july wasn't ready either! anyways enough complaining- kane had a fabulous time (as long as michael or i were holding him) so that's all that matters.

this was kane right before we left for the airport to fly to houston. i felt like heck but i made him a plane shirt so i was determined to get his picture!
this was the table. i originally planned to use the streamers that were behind his highchair as a backdrop and hang poms from the light but ran out of time. the sign was made for outside but at the last minute i brought it in and hung it here. in my opinion the table looks really sloppy bc things were just sat on it at the last minute. and bc it was a round table it didn't photograph well. not how i envisioned it at all.

isn't the tablecloth amazing??? love it! favorite purchase!
the m&m tins were filled with green and white m&ms. yummy!
i love the milk cartons. i was trying to copy the glass jar look but make it safer for babies.
i wasn't crazy about the cake but i loved the cookies!

his chair was supposed to be a golf cart. i had 4 poles and a top for it but ya that didn't happen either. i had a really hard time getting the golf bag in the back to stick.
lol. my sad golf cart.
this is where all my fun stuff got put and overlooked!
i had golf ball stickers that said "kane's hole in 1" on the plates.

kane's birthday tee

i searched everywhere for pear applesauce! it was so hard to find

there were a ton of cookies but these were the only ones left after the party

michael and i filled out the golf score sheet

these were the treat containers. the buttons holding them closed were golf balls :)

kane's sippy cup

i got astroturf and used it as a tablecloth

the sign said "please sign in and pick up your visor and badge- re-entry will not be allowed without your badge"

all the kids had a visor and a name badge

this was my dads golf bag and clubs from a long time ago!

the party favors
this was the table in the backyard

more inside decor-
i had kane's 12 month pictures all framed. there were more on another table

kane's party visor

i made kane a birthday placemat

this was kane's smash cake on his real birthday

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  1. I would say it was fantastic! Your hard work really paid off. It looks like it was such a great day minus the sickness.

  2. WOW! You did an amazing job!!! It makes me want to make my kid like golf for his/her birthday. I don't even have a kid OR really watch golf! lol It all looked really great!


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