Wednesday, December 15, 2010

national cupcake day

yesterday was 4 degrees and today this is how much snow i woke up to. doesn't mother nature know next week is christmas and i have still have things to do? i was brave this morning and got out for.... well, until the end of the block and turned around. the snow and ice was crazy! plus, everything is closed today. when storms like this hit the whole city closes. im sure i looked like a fool knocking the snow off my car. i'm not very tall and my car is, so me trying to jump while standing in 4' of snow was pretty funny. not to mention kane was in the car screaming. we are quite the attraction.
michael suggested we put a plow on the front of my car so i can make some extra income for us. lol

yesterday was national cupcake day. why do i know this? pathetic, i know. a long time ago i was actually googling something else and for whatever reason the national calendar of food popped up. it's actually fun. maybe something to kind of follow when kane and my future kids are older. it kind of gives you something to look forward to and bake new things... i don't mean do something everyday but just the yummy ones. today i made up my own little recipe. they are smores cupcakes minus the marshmallow. i wasn't quite sure how to incorporate marshmallow until we were already home it hit me that i should of gotten the marshmallow puff stuff. oh well, they are good. trust me. i have eaten 5! lol

speaking of sweets what is my obsession with cookies lately? i'm not a big cookie lover but all of a sudden i want all things related to decorating cookies. the perfect little place for that is Sur La Table. oh my goodness! my new favorite place! they have cookie cutters galore. i got kane some golf ones and the letters to his name a few months back but today i went and got so many more! did i mention they are only a $1!! i'm such a proud little texan- they have a whole section of all things texan!!! i swear i glow when i look at them. not one ohio cookie cutter but tons of texas ones :) love it.

remember this little number i talked about getting kane?
the plywood for proof
well we got it. a long time ago. i went and got a piece of plywood and paint with the intention to paint it navy the very next day but thats when the snow and freezing temps hit. how in the world am i supposed to paint this thing without getting kane high on the fumes?? btw we have no garage. wanna hear some bad luck? the next week i got on etsy and the seller had it featured on the etsy homepage for 50% off. she won't refund my money. gah!

i lost my louis vuitton makeup bag. i never loose anything!! seriously. nothing. i have called every place imaginable and nada. of course not. who wouldn't want a LV make-up bag with 2 year old MAC makeup? lol can you tell i never wear makeup? haha. poor michael. i'll change one day. promise. maybe it can be my new years resolution!

oh... the cupcake count is 6 now. haha. why am i telling you this???
is it weird that i favor homemade (betty crocker) cupcakes over any other cupcake?

chelsea- you girls have a wonderful bakefest! kelly said we should skype! lol

tonight michael is home. hallelujah! we will be celebrating by enjoying the omaha steaks and twice baked potatoes my grandparents gave us. yum-o!

i just made one of the cutest things ever! come back tomorrow and i'll show ya!
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  1. what a fun day to know about, thanks for sharing:) and I too LOVE sur la table, we're making a special trip to Baton Rouge on Saturday to go!

  2. That would be fun - skype bakefest! Let me know how your steak and potatoes are...we have those in our fridge too {Danny's granddaddy sent them to us}


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