Thursday, December 16, 2010

my BIG christmas craft

we don't have a fireplace in our current home and i knew i wanted to make something to hang our stockings from- i just didn't know what until i saw something similar to this-
yep, i made it. it's boxes covered in craft paper. i painted the "bricks" with a sponge. it was so much fun and i LOVE the way it turned out. it only took about 30 minutes- not counting the paint drying. it's our perfect little christmas area. in person it actually looks real, minus the mantle part.

the two silk stockings i bought a few years ago the day after christmas and still paid an arm and a leg for them. i have tried to locate a similar one by the same designer the past two years but have not had any luck. patience is a virtue, right??

it melts my heart to see kane sit in his chair all by himself. he is so grown up now. one of his new favorite things to do is stomp his feet. he does it all the time!!! it's adorable when he's being cute and funny but not so much when he is throwing a fit. is there a way to tell him no to one and not the others? lol

have you noticed how many times he wears his camo pjs? or how many times his pjs don't match?? i use to be such a stickler about the matching pj thing but lately i just have to grab whats clean and warm.

ever since the victoria's secret fashion show i am obsessed with katy perry's fireworks. obsessed. that and willow smith's song whip my hair!! BEST SONG EVER!! totally kidding about that one- i do sing it all the time to michael, just because. haha.

i love these little shoes for kane next summer. a little pricey but so cute for a preppy look! they look like mason disick... kardashian.
happy weekend! michael is off saturday for the first time in 7 weeks!!! (not counting the week we were in houston) so incredibly thankful for that!

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  1. sooo awesome!!! you are so crafty and creative... im jealous!

  2. You are the most incredible mom and crafter on the planet. I love your faux fireplace. Kane is just precious as always... and HOORAY for a weekend off with your hubby! I don't think I commented, but so proud of y'all for deciding to stay home together at Christmas instead of traveling... time together is what you need most!

    I adore those initial shoes-- KT would probably kill me if I bought them, but they are soooo stinkin' cute! Maybe for Carson since his feet don't change sizes twice a year now. Hmmm.... :)

  3. That fireplace is amazing! It's so cute! I'm stealing that idea next year :)

  4. omg love this. i need one for my house!!!!!


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