Sunday, December 19, 2010

facts about kane

kane is doing new things all the time so i thought i would document some of them.
- his belly button is about to pop out. mine did when i was little so i'm not too shocked.
- he follows me around like a baby duck. i HAVE to be in his sight at all times. if not he comes searching for me.
- when i cook he has started sitting on the kitchen floor next to my feet. lol. i make sure it's clean at all times and that he isn't in harms way of hot or sharp things so no worries.
- he loves to run around naked after his bath. i can only allow this for seconds at a time because he has peed on the floor before.
- he likes to blow bubbles in the bath
- he loves carrots and green beans
- he picks up and carries everything his fat little arms can reach around
- he answers to kane, koko, kMe (kimmy), boots... just a few of the many names he has been given. michael recently suggested that we stick to kane now that he is 1.
- he loves the itsy bitsy spider song
- he will raise his arms when he is ready to get out of his highchair but the second you go to grab him he shovels one more bite into his mouth- then he's ready.
- once he is out and cleaned off he runs back to his highchair and searches the seat to see if there are any leftovers.
- it doesn't matter if he just ate, if you have food he will beg.
- he loves piggy back rides now. if you are sitting down he will lay his head on your back and that's your cue.
- if he wants something he goes and stands in the kitchen and calls for me... or cries depending on how badly he wants it.
- he pulls all the dvds out on a regular basis
- he loves iphones
- he LOVES looking at pictures of himself as a baby and kissing them. he also kisses babies in the books we read.
- if we fake laugh in a very obnoxious way he will start laughing too
- if i am sitting on the ground playing he will run circles around me
- he always tries to squeeze into the smallest spaces
- he is the little love of my life!!
- when michael and i hug and kiss he gets so jealous. lol he raises his arms for us to pick him up. then we have a 3 way hug and he starts laughing when we squeeze him. this makes me so worried when another baby is added. yikes!
- he loves music. when michael plays music on his laptop kane will stop everything and run and look.
sorry this looks so weird... my computer is acting weird and not spacing it the way i want.
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  1. I love the highchair habit... shoveling in one more thing before he is actually done. So cute!

  2. Kane sounds so much like Jackson! Such a fun age:)

  3. Elle gets so jealous of Shawn and I together too! It's so funny how she fusses when Shawn comes near me. Kane sounds like he has the most adorable personality!


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