Tuesday, December 21, 2010

kane's job

since we have lots of leftover craft paper (from the fireplace) i thought we could put it to use as our wrapping paper this year. kane kept on insisting that he helped so i put him to work. i got out the jumbo crayons and let him color away. i think he is the best little artist ever.

amberly's gift...made with love

it will be so fun one year to let all the kids decorate the gifts.

speaking of wrapping paper have you seen the personalized wrapping paper at chasing fireflies? so adorable for future birthday parties kane will attend.

have you seen these? how perfect for a cookie exchange! love them!
chelsea-maybe next year for bakefest we can get everyone their own little box to take some home!!

i also love these little personalized hats. and of course this one that i have featured before. i just never got around to ordering it. maybe michael will go for it as a post christmas gift??

kane and i did a practice run on some cookies for santa (pre-iced). they are in the running along with the rudolph gingerbread cookies we made on movie night. i better make a decision soon!

i was at target the other day and saw this stuff-
too bad they didn't have this stuff when we did movie night. it would have been perfect since we watched mickey mouse.

recently michael's cousin's wife found me on facebook and we instantly became facebook/blogging bffs. we are so much alike it is freaky! we have done a lot of the same things in the past not even realizing it. her and her hubs live in california but hope to one day move to texas (to live close to us...haha) they have an adorable little girl named elle. she is so lucky she has a mama who can make her bows, shirts and tutus. we had been kind of discussing her first birthday party and i got a message from her the other morning... she decided on a theme and...get ready.... it's really good.... elle's in "one"derland!!! (alice in wonderland) how awesome is that theme? if you know anything about me it's that i LOVE incorporating the childs age into the theme of a party (kane's hole in 1). i already have the second birthday planned of my daughter. lol i did share it with her so we'll see if she likes it as much as me! i love kids birthday parties!!! is it weird that i get this excited and have my unborn children's parties planned???

thanks for the sweet comments about the fireplace! it was so easy. go here for instructions.

kane had santa for a snack today.

love my handsome boy! (who just woke up)
yep, the camera is under there too buddy!
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  1. I love the brown wrapping paper... and the idea of letting the kiddos decorate the paper!! Will definitely have to keep that in mind next year.

  2. Oh and P.S.- I have naturally blonde hair and neither of my siblings have red hair, so you're exactly right about it skipping a generation on my mom's side! I've never heard that before, but it's true.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! haha I clicked on the "personalized hats" link and of course my eyes were drawn to the third one down. I really thought I picked an uncommon name! I told you I see it everywhere on blogs and now etsy! Oh well. I may just have to buy that hat now, too cute :)

  4. Awwwww can't wait to get it!!!! Glad y'all like the new books! We should talk Kardashians soon lol our own book club ha!


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