Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wow i'm bad at this advent thing

in my defense a lot of the things i put on our advent calendar are out of my control. for example, i had planned to take kane to the lights festival at the zoo... but no thanks, it's less then 20 degrees everyday. then we had planned to go to the aquarium... michael has had one day off which was this past saturday and he was sick so he slept most of the day. (we don't know his schedule until they hand it to him usually the first week of the month. so no planning going on here) you get the picture. things haven't turned out as planned.

we did hang stockings on our mantle last week.... i hope we didnt already do this one.??

the snow is just too soft to make a snowman outside so we made one that lives inside...

and he picked out his favorite toy for santa to bring him (or maybe i picked it out for him)

well that's a little better. that brings us to day 16 and we will figure out something.

i heard on the news yesterday that the average snowfall for this time of year is 2" and we have had 12.5" plus it snowed more today.

yesterday rudolph stopped by to say hi

and agreed to give kane a little ride
rudolph got a little carried away and tried to take kane with him- lucky for me the ceiling got in the way
he let kane try on his antlers
but then kane tore them up, i hope santa doesn't mind
kane kissed him to try and make it up
i am so excited to see kane on christmas morning!!! i seriously want to pull everything out right now! i'm having a little bit of anxiety over the train table we got for him. i'm afraid we won't have room for it. he has received so many toys from my family in the mail this week and frankly i'm not sure what to with all these toys. plus, we still haven't gotten his birthday toys in from my MIL. wow. i have one lucky little boy. i hope he appreciates one day that michael and i have given up our living room just to fit all of his toys. lol! i'm hoping once his new toys are all out he will not play with his old toys so much so i can go ahead and box them up. maybe?
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  1. Maybe donate some? Just a thought. I agree, I have no clue what we are going to do after Christmas with all of these toys. Frankly? I am looking forward to something else that makes noise. Amazing how quickly toys get old to even the parents. Love those pictures!


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