Monday, January 17, 2011

all i need is food

we are back after a little hiatus. in addition to celebrating i was in a little bit of a blogging
funk-a-roo. michael was home ALL weekend. it was heaven. we did absolutely nothing. well, he did absolutely nothing (which he really needed!!). i took full advantage of my "babysitter" and cleaned, washed, organized, filed, shredded and payed some bills. ahhhh, i love feeling organized.

notice the crumbs in front of kane... this was taken right after i cleaned. i swear i need to just follow him around with a vacuum all day.
we also did a little bit of cooking. i made tortilla chips and guacamole for kane's snack. so super easy and he loved it!!!
i got whole wheat tortillas and lightly spread olive oil on each side and cut out little texas shapes. i baked in the oven for 6 minutes at 350. the guac is just avocado and tomatoes. he ate 6 chips and a whole avocado. i will defiantly bring this into his snack routine.
first bite


i also made bakerella's pancake muffins. hers have chocolate chips in them but in order to make them baby friendly i chose to leave those out. they were so good michael requested them for breakfast 2 days straight.

thank you all for the sweet comments on the last post. we are so excited to move back. cincinnati has been great for a year but home is home. after all, who puts coco in chili and chili cheese on spaghetti?? gross. (there is a chili place at every corner and inside all the malls- they are hardcore chili lovers)

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  1. cute, cute, cute snack! I am so going to make that for my fam to snack on this week. i need a texas cookie cutter! and, I have had the pioneer woman's cookbook forever-- I need to open it up and start cookin!

    when do y'all move back?! lets be FRIENDS!! (am i creeping you out) ha!


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