Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kane is 14 months plus some

kane, you are 14 months and a few extra weeks... so here is what you have been doing!

you love playing on your belly. you always lay like this when you look at a book or play with a little toy.

you love putting toys, food, etc. into containers and then taking them out.

when it's time to get out of the bath and i flip the drain down you come right behind me and flip it back up

you say "vroom" or something like that when you push your trucks

you make the same sound as your horse

you always seem to be in a hurry because you run everywhere.

you dance when we put music on (dad says it's only to salsa but you like country too- shhh, don't tell him)

you have 12 teeth

still not saying anything other then mama and dada. i try, oh my goodness do i try to teach you but you are too interested in playing and reading.

you love your train table

you absolutely love brushing your teeth with your new "toothpaste"

you are becoming very picky in what you will eat

you turn on all your toys that make noise at once then walk away. pretty sure daddy taught you this.

we have been acting out books recently and you think it's the funniest thing ever

you hate having your morning diaper changed. you protest with all your might. there are too many toys that you have been dreaming about all night and you can't wait 1 more second to get your hands on them!

you know how to blow on your food when it's "hot" thanks to the new years blowers

you cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

we just took out the bumpers in your crib because you are a climber now

target has a whole robot section in the $1 bin... perfect for a robot party!

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  1. omg so many things on here that Ambs does too - two little peas in a pod! I can't wait for yall to get back here!

  2. We have those robot plates! I just got them b/c i'm planning on Owen's first birthday to be robot themed.. can't wait!!


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