Monday, January 24, 2011

cozy day

it's still snowing so kane and i are bundled up in our pjs and having a relaxing day. i'm about to attempt mini homemade chicken pot pies. i hope my picky little man will eat them.

yes, he is holding the baby powder. he loves running around with it after his bath. no idea why. i'm just waiting for the day i don't close it all the way.

i was looking through martha's crafts/recipes the other day and came across sprinkles recipe for strawberry cupcakes. i have never had sprinkles but if they are anything like crave's cupcakes i'll take it! can't wait to try it out!

i have really been thinking a lot about kane's big boy room and the type of furniture i want in there so when i came across this i was so happy!!! i love the headboard. it's old fence boards that have been sanded down. what a fun idea, just need to make sure little fingers won't get splinters. michael isn't too crazy about it. he thinks it's too "honky". lol i'll work on him. go here if you want to see more. she has a sweet meaning behind her boards... maybe i can go dig up a few from my childhood house. haha
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  1. Very cute idea! I just saw a blog post the other day kind of similar to this that I thought was adorable. Here's the link.
    Men don't really understand why we like what we do. haha. Mike thought I was crazy when I told him I want to get an old solid wood dresser for Bella and shabby chic it. Lol.

  2. i was JUST looking at that onesie on nordy's website wishing i had a little boy i could put in it! hahaha!! LOVE that bed for me!!!!! its precious!


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