Friday, January 21, 2011

the snow won't stop

yesterday it snowed and snowed. the hospital actually sent michael home early because the roads were getting really bad. it was such a nice surprise! we decided to get our 3,000 pounds of snow gear on and take kane outside. for anyone who doesn't live in the north it is such a huge task- kane had on 2 pairs of pants, a snow suit, a shirt, a sweater, a jacket, gloves and mittens (that he wouldn't keep on). by the time you get yourself and your baby dressed you get so hot you want to pass out before even making it outside! lol
i couldn't believe how deep the snow was. it went up to kane's knees. crazy! my little man loves walking around in it. i may miss it a little bit next year- scratch that- i'll miss the cute pictures i get of kane playing in it.

waving hi!

it was snowing so hard! i had a towel over the camera to keep it from getting wet and i accidentally changed the setting... that's why the next couple are underdeveloped. they also happen to be my favorites so i'm disappointed!

getting strapped in to go sledding!

such a cute little snow man!

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  1. I love snow pictures, too! I am sure you will miss the snow next year.. maybe?!? Love Michael's stocking hat.. go bears!

  2. Precious pics..what a look of joy on his face!!

  3. WOW looks like Kane had so much fun! Sometimes I miss the snow... Great pictures!


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