Saturday, January 29, 2011

mini snowman-move-eyes-talking

yesterday kane and i went outside to get a little sunshine and to get out of the house.
his gloves crack me up. it was so sunny i felt bad i didn't have glasses for him... he was "helping" me build a snowman.

my sweet angel. i love him so much! our days inside get so old but this little man brightens up my life!! hurry up spring, i'm running out of fun inside activities!!!
i was thinking about when we move back to houston michael and i will hopefully be able to have a date night but it brought tears to my eyes thinking about leaving kane. i think i may be a little too obsessed with him. who can blame me? the most i have been away from him since june is 20 minutes to run to the store and that's only happened like 3 times. lol

wow. why am i even posting this?? lol i think even kane laughed at my snowman making abilities! i'm just glad we made it outside when the snow was still fresh and could be packed!

sitting next to our mini snowman! ha! it think i get a F in snowman building. it was hard to make even that with a wild toddler running around. the ground is very uneven so he falls constently and can't get up on his own because of his heavy clothes and boots.
*more on our move*
we will be moving back mid-june. we only have a week and a half to leave here, travel and get settled before michael starts his new job. he will be done in 3 years... music to our ears. next year is going to be so much better hour wise. he will be working half the hours he is now and instead of being on call every 3-4 days it will be every 6. we will finally be able to see michael!! we have no idea where we want to live, if we want to buy or rent, michael will need to buy a car and so much more. there are so many unanswered questions and we really have to pray that everything falls into place as it should. it gives me panic attacks just thinking about it. everyone who knows me i'm sure can understand. i am very type A!!

kane has his 15 month doctors appointment coming up and still isn't talking. when i called the doctor a couple months ago about this she said if there is not any improvement by the time we come in then he will need speech therapy. i work with him for hours a day but nothing seems to help. he is developing in other ways so i'm not too worried but if he would just spit out one word i would feel much better. he is saying mama and dada but not consistently. when i try to work with kane he really shows no interest. he will start doing flips or turn around and run away. i have tried working with him in the bath tub and his highchair but have not had any luck. i have also tried to make it fun by doing different activities with him, he will pay attention for a little bit but then he loses interest. he understands what i say he just doesn't talk back. my friend annie from dallas said her son did something similar but as soon as her sister started working with him he responded...i really wish we had family around to help. i will keep you updated because i want documentation on his improvement. has anybody else experienced this too?
it has become evident this past month that one of kane's eyes did not correct after the surgery. he will need another more invasive surgery on his right eye. we aren't sure when we will have it done but eventually we have no choice. it breaks my heart knowing kane will have to be put under again and will have to experience the whole thing again. i hate this for him.
i've always wondered- does anyone read blogs on the weekends?
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  1. Yes I read them;)))so w u on the panic attacks of the unknown!!! We are meeting w a realtor now ( I'm in the driveway of a house now). All I can tell u things always work out!!! My son David did not speak one word till he turned 2 OY!!!!his sisters talked and still talk for him. Every child is different;)))

  2. Well I think you may know what all I've been through with Brad and still going through. I think Kane will start talking soon. Boys often start later than girls. BUT it's always good to be aware and start intervention early if necessary. I think there is only so much you can do as far as trying to teach them. I read books to Brad daily.I had so much time with him because he was my only one at the time. Unfortunately, none of that made a difference. He started to talk when he was older and ready. But of course he has been through lots of therapy. Putting him in a school was the best thing we ever did. That's really when we started to see improvements. Feel free to talk to me about it whenever. But I have a feeling he will start talking before you know it! :)

  3. I am so happy that you all are moving back but completely understand the anxiousness about the unknown. Take it one step at a time and everything will fall into place.

    With Kane’s speech… keep doing everything we talked about. It takes time and practice; remember repetition is key. A speech delay is more common then you think. Question; have you ever had Kane’s hearing tested? Sometimes when there is a speech delay it could be a hearing thing. Not that he can’t hear but more what is he hearing (high pitch, low pitch, muffled sounds). Fluid in the ears can cause the sounds to be distorted therefore causing a speech delay. I agree with Spephanie; kids learn best from there peers. And you may see a difference when he is in a MDO/preschool.

    Take a look at this site

    This is what I do here at home. I like it because they come to you! They will be able to provide speech therapy, if Kane needs it, and they can be great support/recourses for you too. You can also look into private therapy (little more expensive and more medical model). I think talking with you pediatrician is the first step. I understand your worry about his speech and you are doing all the right things. Whatever I can do to help I’m here. xo


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