Sunday, January 30, 2011

new things i LOVE!

kane and i went to the grocery store last week and i thought he was so cute holding on to the milk! he insisted that it sit next to him. lol so glad he is such a milk junkie!
Align Centeryou can kind of see his right eye is irritated. poor baby. breaks my heart!

shopping at old navy! i'm loving that i finally got a new memory card in my point and shoot. i've missed out on so many pics!
we got him these and this shirt for 30% off. i love little boys in flip flops! i used to babysit for a kid who called them lop lops!
girl mommies- janie and jack has the cutest spring things i have ever laid my eyes on!!! i think i may have to purchase some of these things once they go on sale for "my daughter" lol
take a look... MY FAV! so glad chelsea is getting it!! along with this, and this.
at gap i'm loving these denim rompers! this one and this one!
gap also has really cute spring boy things too. too many to blog about. i can't wait until the stuff hits stores! i have my 40% coupon in hand and i'm ready!
when kane was a baby i got him katie little changing pad covers and i recently found him sheets half off at a store that was going out of business. they are by far the softest baby sheets!

kane got this book for his birthday and it is my favorite one to read to him! such a cute, adorable book!! if you have a boy you need it!

he also loves this remote control car. it is simple enough for him to do and we play with it all the time!
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  1. so excited about that swimsuit!!! And the romper is super cute too! I love Kane's big orange jacket!


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