Monday, January 31, 2011

love is in the air

i finally finished kane's v- day cards. i made his last year and it was so fun! i had every intention to do a rocket theme but once i found the robot fabric for his blanket and the robot plates at target i figured i might as well just carry it through. so here you go...

his v-day shirt

and his cards for all the special people in his life!

i wanted to use an old school label maker instead of writing on the cards but we don't have one! i thought it would be more robot-y.

yesterday michael was working so kane and i were on our own. we made quesadillas for lunch and went on a little adventure outside. despite the snow on the ground it was fairly warm... 40 degrees but the sun was shining so it felt like it was 60. i know i say this all the time but i can not wait until it warms up! after being outside for 10 minutes the wind started to pick up so i brought kane inside and he was not happy!! i have searched and searched but have come up empty handed for an indoor play area. our malls don't have anything like that and besides gymboree and the little gym there really isn't anything else. i wish kane was old enough for pump it up so he could run off some of his energy!

kane's chicken quesadillas

playing outside in our "warm" weather

gah... that drool!

i also brought out the crayons for kane. he did really well, only tried to eat them a few times.

who else can't wait for secret millionaire? it makes my cry every time i see the preview!

with all this crazy charlie sheen talk it reminded me that michael had an interview at cedars-sinai. he really wanted to go but he turned it down so we could move back to texas! how cool would that of been to work at that hospital? we would be living in a box under a bridge but it would have been cool. ha!
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  1. I love the robots! Taylor and I were planning on making the same shirts for our babies!! I am a wee bit obsessed with robots for Owen- it's his first birthday theme.

  2. The shirt and Valentine's are adorable! Also, your handwriting is so cute haha. Odd compliment, but the names on the envelopes just look too pretty to not comment :) And now I am craving quesadillas!

  3. Jamie, you are SO TALENTED!! Kane's Valentines are so precious! Awesome job Mama! :)

  4. Love all the V-day stuff! I have to say I like Kane's longer hair, he's cute!


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