Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i see you!

kane loves playing peek-a-boo! we play it all day! he is actually really good at it. he is very quiet and he'll stay in his hiding spot until you find him. he also hides if he is up to something... like if he has my cell phone he'll run and hide on the side of the bed so he can play with it. it's so funny that he already knows to hide things from me. sneaky little boy.

excuse the pillows... didn't make the bed yet! love his sweet little smile.

he loves his 2 monkeys!
did you know that on crayola's website you can do this?

this is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. i played on it for a hour or so after kane went to bed. the things you can do on crayola's website are endless. you can make yourself a cartoon, a robot, cowboy, alien, give yourself funky hair or make a storybook. you do need to get a code from a crayola product to log in. give it a try, you'll become addicted too.


  1. so sweet, Jackson loves to play peek-a-boo too:) And thanks for sharing that website, I'll have to check it out!

  2. Kane's smile is so precious!! Belle can play peek-a-boo all day too!!! :)


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