Saturday, February 12, 2011

home sweet home

after 9 long days we are finally back home. kane's face when we walked in and he saw all of his toys was priceless. cute thing couldn't decide what he wanted to play with first.
i have to give our landlord a huge thanks! they have been more then understanding and giving throughout this whole process. we found out that not only are they paying for our hotel but they are also covering all of our meals since we had to eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, they are restocking our fridge and freezer since we lost it all and are pro-rating our rent and water bill (since we had to leave all of our facets running so the pipes wouldn't re-freeze). seriously how awesome is that? they went above and beyond!

you know how people say pick your battles? well here at the miranda casa or hotel that is something we have to do on a daily basis with kane. he wants to get his little paws on just about everything. yesterday morning was no different. i reached in the fridge to get him some milk and he grabbed the prune juice and would not give it back. i gave in and let him have it. he carried that bottle with him for the next hour. it even went downstairs with us to get a cup of coffee.

he put it down only to press the elevator buttons and to take a short break
do you see stinker written all over his face? i do.
happy as a clam
break time
climbing on whatever it's called before i started loading up.
such a monkey
one of his latest obsessions is putting on michael's shoes.
so proud of himself! love this boy so much!!! (excuse the dried snow on his shoes)

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