Sunday, February 13, 2011

lots of love!

happy valentine's day! it is only noon and kane and i have already had an action packed day. to start things off we made pink pancakes!
so pretty!
and cut them into little hearts
my little love bug
then we went to the library for movers and shakers. we saw one of the little girls that was in story time last week and kane went up to her to give her a hug. how sweet is that? he then tried to sit in her lap but was unsuccessful because she was standing lol. he burst into tears when he fell down, not because it hurt but because he was embarrassed. there were probably 30 kids and their moms standing around and he ran to me in tears. my sweet love wasn't having a good morning.

right before we went to the library i put kane in the tub to bathe him. all of a sudden he stood up so i went to sit him back down and when i did i heard "plop"- he pooped in the bath tub again! i got him up and stood him right next to me so i could drain the water and wipe his bottom. once the water started draining and the bubbles went down i realized he had diarrhea! how did i not see him do this?? darn bubbles! as i was looking at the damage in the bath tub he started peeing. it got all over the rug, me and all the bath toys i had grabbed out of the tub so i could wash them off. fantastic. once i cleaned the tub top to bottom i stuck him back in and he peed again. not our morning!
my cutie finally taking a bath in a poop and pee free tub.

kane's valentine's day presents
and the valentine we made for michael. it's a book of pictures of michael and kane

kane's hand prints
some of the pages
hope the rest of our day is calm compared to our morning! i think we are going to make strawberry cupcakes and maybe a few popsicles with our new rocket molds! happy valentines day!

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  1. I sure hope y'all day gets better! Happy Valentines to you and your lil man:)

  2. I love Kane's valentine to Michael. Elle bought hers for Daddy, and Mommy didn't even get one :( lol


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