Tuesday, February 15, 2011

snip, snip

michael finally gave in and let me have kane's haircut! i was so excited we went straight there! sweet baby did so well during his 4th haircut, he did not shed one tear. made his mama so proud!
waiting to be called back sitting back and watching tv

the lady asked if this was his first haircut and when i replied "no, his 4th" she started laughing. apparently she thought it was odd that i couldn't stop taking his picture! can you blame me? look at this sweet face!

love my man so much!

i always forget to fix his red eyes. i won't do it again. promise!
multiple family members are going through a rough time right now. if you could say a quick prayer for them i would appreciate it. more details to come, i won't leave you hanging!

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  1. I believe I know what one of the requests are for, but I haven't heard an update in a couple days. Hope everything is okay. Saying a prayer now...


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