Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hotel update

we are still living in a hotel. 1 week and counting. kane is climbing up the walls and finding the strangest things to play with. so far we have made an old milk jug into an instrument by putting cheerios in it, rolled around on the luggage thing (sorry don't know the name of it) and we have played "telephone" with styrofoam cups. he has also become an elevator pro. it's so cute to watch him stand there on his own. he thinks he is such a big boy! especially when i let him press the buttons. i'm sure the people staying on our floor are ready for us to leave because i let kane run up and down the hallway to blow off some energy. whoops.

since we have been staying at the hotel i have been trying to think of new things to do. i decided to go ahead and dive into my cincinnati bucket list. the first store i have been wanting to explore was trader joes. i honestly had no idea what it was, turns out it's a mini whole foods market. when we were leaving there was a dog barking in a car and i heard a little chuckle... turns out kane loves dogs. i could have stood there all day and watched kane laugh at the dog. it was the sweetest thing ever. maybe a dog is in our future?? i know michael would be a happy camper.

we also went to Arhaus, which is a furniture store. some of the pieces reminded me of restoration hardware. overall i really liked it. they had a lot fabric headboards, tufted chairs and couches and pieces that had nail heads. all right up my alley! while on the design topic- i am in love with bead board and grass cloth wallpaper! my stepmom had both in our house when i was growing up- she was way ahead of her time!
speaking of tufted couches i think i found the couch i want. our furniture store doesn't have it in yet so i hope it's comfy and that michael likes it because my mind is made up! it's no secret that we really need a new sofa! i don't think fabric sofas work in our house! i have never had a leather sofa so i hope i like it. i wanted something different and i think as far as a brown leather sofa goes it's as different as it gets. we thought about a sectional, my first sofa was one and it was difficult finding the right space for it. when i got my first apartment i literally had to wait until the right apartment was available so my sofa would fit and look right. lol

george clooney is in cincinnati filming a movie! they were had auditions this past saturday for extras but michael said no. lol i wonder if we will have a sighting. several people have seen him around our neighborhood already!

and it's official... kane and i are going to houston for a week in march! my brother has a vacation planned and wants me to watch my 3 neices!!! i can not tell you how excited i am to see my sweet girls. LOVE them like they are my own! i don't have them during the week so play dates here we come!! i'm torn between whose car i want to drive while there, my brothers huge dodge diesel truck or my grandmas 1989 lincoln town car. jk, its not that old. so ladies don't be jealous of my ride. plus.... we will be there over my birthday!! i had lots of reservations about even coming because michael and i have never been apart that long much less on my birthday. i'm sure he won't mind a little break from us-he can go on as many man dates with his boyfriends as he wants. sorry michael but you guys do act like your dating. :)

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  1. wahoo!!!! can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Sound like you are doing a great job making the best of your extended hotel stay :-) let's plan a play date or lunch/dinner when you're here! Hope you guys are staying warm.


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